长短地址转换能力 ( 数字内容 > 短地址服务 ) 该能力具备长地址转换短地址、短地址转换为长地址的功能

You need an account at http://www.42call.com/ for user our api.

Check the status of the UIDAI's Aadhar Card by just providing your UIDAI Aadhar card enrollment ID which will be 14 digit number.

AccountingSuite is uncomplicated accounting, order management and inventory software for any business. Designed for the 99% of us who aren’t accountants, AccountingSuite makes it easier to run your business and find the information you need whenever and wherever you need it

A real-time feed of the pages currently growing in popularity on the Acrostic.me website.

Build great online stores with airbrite.io Finally, an e-commerce API for developers.

API Access to the Worldwide Airport Chart Database at Charts.Aero - Includes links to PDF files.



Join a Startup. Apply Privately · No Middlemen · See Salary Upfront. AngelList is a platform for startups—started by the dudes who do Venture Hacks.

Get data from the Anime News Network Encyclopedia in XML format.

Easy anti-spam measure which takes it one-step further by blocking potentially bad IP address from using your resources.

Welcome to The AOL On Network’s API developer documentation. It enables you to integrate our video content, display and functionality into your website.

APNaaS allows your app to send Apple push notifications with an absolute minimum in overhead. We take care of delivery, feedback, and all interim infrastructure, allowing your app to send only the essential information; easily send to APNS on iOS and Mac.

AppsBuilder is a do it yourself platform for mobile applications development. No coding skills are needed! Trough a single building process users can create an app for iOS (iPad, iPhone/iPod), Android (Tablets & Phones) and Windows Phone. Last but not least, your app will be available for the Chrome Web Store and with a Mobile Site Html5 version. All content is stored on Cloud, enabling real time updates. All JSON structures can also be retrieved here: https://appsbuilder.atlassian.net/wiki/display/res/App+JSON



AppURL connects native apps to the web with http URLs.

What we do? We help content publishers and brands understand their users and turn engagement metrics into revenue metrics. How we do it? Cloud based social tools that deliver content based on user context. User management that puts you in the driving seat. User-centric Analytics engine that makes it all tick.

This API gives you the ability to auto-login your users from your website into loyalty program websites. In many cases you can also take a user to a specific page within the target website. The user only has to provide his or her credentials once and then you will be able to "single sign on" the user automatically whenever needed. For more details please contact us at http://awardwallet.com/contact.php

This API provides spelling suggestions for misspelled words.



This Backlinks API is powered by Google Custom Search. You would need to create a Custom Search Engine to get this to work. Please check the Getting Started section for details

Detect and censor bad words, swear words and profanity in a given text. Currently works with an English only database which includes "leetspeak".

With this API users can draw different bar codes, for example, Code128, UPC-A, QRCode and more. It uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.



With this API you can easily develop a bingo game, just design the graphic. - Card's makers - Extraction number - Winner cards - Points



See the value of a Bitcoin according to different sources with a simple JSON API. All major currencies are supported (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, CNY etc.)

Check domain name's availability at blazing speeds using this free API. Currently we support com, net, org, biz, mobi and co domain search, will be adding more soon.

The bdea.cc api helps to detect domains of disposable email address services such as mailinator.com, spamgourmet. In other words: if you need to keep your userbase clean you should avoid throw-away, one-time, instant, temporary email addresses. That's what this api is designed for. BTW: no false positives.

Bootic is the marketplace to find a wide range of products. Bootic's Product Search API gives you direct access to all that our product search engine has to offer: keywords, products attributes, price ranges and many more features to find the exact product from the best online storefront on the Internet.

Get the logos of your favorite browsers! Doesn't get any better than that :)

Bypass any captchas you meet and free your hands.

Calculator & converter for all units. Use this API to convert between measurements, Please email or message me for further requests. Any hacker is welcome to participate in this project. thanks.

Changes the capitalization of input text based on language style rules - supports over 20 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and more.

This API provides card printing services for developers. It enables you to price and order commercially printed cards in different sizes, paper and coating from within your web and mobile applications.

Carpoolworld brings people together for ridesharing, using a pioneering search engine that matches individuals based on their trip origins and destinations, anywhere on the planet. The Carpoolworld API gives developers access to the web site's essential functions to create trips, find matches, and contact potential travel partners. The API is developed using the RESTful style. Responses are formatted in XML..

Undocumented API I found browsing catoverflow.com's source code. [unofficial]

Recommend highly related product categories for e-commerce sites

Allows the checking of a frame number against multiple Australian bike registers.

Allows for the checking of a frame number against several websites.

This API is designed to create a one stop check when buying a bike, users will then be pointed over to the original register.

This API allows you to pragmatically check bike registers in the US.



CheckIP is a simple one call API that checks if an IP address or domain is listed in any spamming list, infected source list, or unauthenticated source list. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.



The Checklist API gives you access to our To Do Task Management platform. Help your users Get Things Done!

Provides the gas stations and prices nearest to a location. Works only on Chile.

Provide access to update Soshio account, manage subscriptions, and generate reports on Chinese social data. *Existing Soshio members only.*

API для доступа к проекту Госзатраты. Возможность получать данные о заказчиках, поставщиках и контрактах.

Fast and inexpensive cloud storage. Great alternative to Amazon S3. 3GB for free, 200GB for $49/year. Requires a Memopal account. You can create one downloading the Memopal client from www.memopal.com

Fast and inexpensive cloud storage. Great alternative to Amazon S3. 3GB for free, 200GB for $49/year. Requires a Memopal account. You can create one downloading the Memopal client from www.memopal.com

Maps any text content to relevant Wikipedia articles



Overworked small business owners, Clover is here to help. Everything you need Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner with an all-in-one solution.



Bitcoin, made simple. Coinbase is an international digital wallet that allows you to securely buy, use and accept bitcoin currency



Optimize your digital marketing. Understand consumer online behavior to drive marketing decisions. The path to digital marketing optimization begins with Compete PRO. Get started now.

A collection of functions that will remove contact information (phone numbers, email, and/or addresses) from a string

This API performs a basic content analysis for a given domain. It extracts category, Language, URL, redirect URL, meta_keywords, meta_description, company, phone and email information

This API extracts the key information from a web site, including meta data, language data, http status, and content text

This is the continuous version of the Troia API. See https://www.mashape.com/ipeirotis/troia-3.



A powerful unit conversion tool. Convert currency (using an up-to-date international currency feed). Convert most known measurement types: imperial, metric, mass, length, temperature, time (and more). The convertor will accept full unit names as well as abbreviations (e.g. millimeter and mm)

Convert your fonts from one format to another. Create font-face kits and subset your fonts all in one place.



List or find countries by ISO 3166-1 codes (i.e. alpha-2, alpha-3, numeric), FIPS country code, continent or currency.

This API computes the geometric and topological properties of STL files, which are commonly used in 3D printing. On top of common measure like volume and surface, this API uses fast proprietary algorithms to check for thin walls and self-intersecting faces.

This API computes the geometric and topological properties of STL files, which are commonly used in 3D printing. On top of common measure like volume and surface, this API uses fast proprietary algorithms to check for thin walls and self-intersecting faces.



Safely download web pages without the fear of overloading websites or getting banned.



The Crowdtilt API allows developers to quickly and easily integrate crowdfunding or group payments into their applications.

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CSV Import is a powerful csv file parsing solution that automatically detects different delimiters and works on them. The API returns an associative array containing the values as parsed with the keys as the fields and the values in the csv mapped to the values in the array.

A simple RESTful API to convert over 164+ currencies. Easy to integrate and free to use, this API can be used for any personal or commercial project.

Simple and free currency converter. Insert an amount, what currency to convert from and what currency to convert to. This API is free to use!

Simply retrieve the current weather conditions for any US city. Unofficially powered by weather.com's wunderground API.

This is a test of using Dailymotion in Mashape. I don't represent Dailymotion and I don't work with them. There was the first idea of API that I had, that's why.

Retrieve latest Dans Ton Chat quotes.

Lists summary information about each Salesforce version currently available, including the version, label, and a link to each version's root.

This is the unofficial documentation for the Data.Police.UK API.

Convert dates and times into common formats such as ISO 8601, mysql, relative, etc...



Lookup geographical location data like country code, state and city by IPv4 or IPv6 address.

This is the testing API for Deal Platform. Some features are still under development.

This api returns a description of why I want the complimentary passes Mashape is giving out for the DeveloperWeek 2013 passes.

Willing to host your own Mp3 site, you need the links of mp3 files, you can use this api to extract the links of all albums hosted on Dhingana.com

Please look at the README tab for more detailed information.

Via deze API kunnen DHL SERVICEPOINT lokaties getoond worden. Incl foto's adressen etc Please look at the README tab for more detailed information.

English dictionary that provides multiple definitions for most words.



A open radio station directory that provides simple api do see and get information about hundreds of radio stations worldwide.



Multiple Social Networks - One API Build applications & access data from the major social networks easily through our consolidated Social Discovery API.



This API retrieves DMOZ category for a given domain

DND Check


Check any Indian mobile number's DND(Do Not Disturb) status using our API.



This API takes a URL or domain as input and returns back DNS data

DNS Tools


Resolve DNS addresses into IP addresses and vice versa. New method: check if a port is opened on a given host.

DNS Tools


DNS Tools is a simple API that lets users resolve DNS addresses into IP addresses as well as the other way around. It also can return a client's IP address. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Client libraries are also available to developers.

DocuSign eSignature API allows you to request signatures on contracts, get status, download completed documents and embed DocuSign interface into your apps. You can get a free developer account by going to www.docusign.com/devcenter



Worldwide domain search. Docs: http://domai.nr/api

Our simple JSON API allows developers to help classroom projects with their website or application. It serves up project titles, descriptions, classroom photos, geo-tags, full teacher-written essays, and more. It can also be used to issue gift cards to your customers so they can support a classroom projects of their choosing. The API has been used by Chevron, SONIC Drive-In, NBC Universal, Bing, PayPal, Starbucks and others to build customized cause marketing and community engagement experiences.

Our API can also be used to make project donations and buy gift cards.

API that I use with my Dota 2 Replay Manager for retrieving match info

A WebAPI for match history is now available on Dota 2. Web developers can now retrieve the match history and match details in JSON or XML format for use in their own applications.



The DoYouBuzz API allows any developer to access his users' resumes (datas, URIs and PDFs) and professional preferences. You can also add a layer of metadatas on the resumes and search on your resume database.

Drillster is an open cloud based memorization platform that helps users learn more in less time. Use our API to integrate with Drillster or to create your own memorization solution.

Drillster is an open cloud based memorization platform that helps users learn more in less time. Use our API to integrate with Drillster or to create your own memorization solution. For detailed information about this API, please refer to http://www.drillster.com/info/api-2/.

Real-time and historical data about every reported United States drone strike.



Dudu.com – multilingual social network with a unique translation technology allowing Internet users that speak different languages to communicate freely without language barriers.

Generates dummy data for filling up databases, responsive web designs, or whatever else you need filler text for.

PlagSpotter API allows to check online and offline content for plagiarism or duplication.

We provide REST API with JSON output for earthquake data that is present in Seismi. At the moment we don't have frequency limitations or api keys. Please use sparingly. We only refresh our caches every hour so it is pointless to call api more frequently.

For Amazon Product Advertising. Testing API. Testing API. Testing API. Testing API.

This is a simple wrapper of the cloudkick APIs. You can get your nodes, and check live data for them. To use this API you must have an OAuth Key and an OAuth secret. Take a look here to get your OAuth credentials: https://support.cloudkick.com/OAuth_Authentication

EgyptoName translate your name and create a beautiful image using the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Validate and clean an email address. Does DNS checks, syntax checks and can also fix common address typos!

Get math formulas as images for publications in web or any other applications.

This translates text to ERMAHGERD. See demo: http://ermahgerd.jmillerdesign.com/

Calculates the semantic relatedness between pairs of text excerpts based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content.



The ESPN Developer Center is your way to build sports applications the way you want them, using ESPN’s repository of content and data

Euromillions results - Tuesday and Friday Euromillions Results. Check the Latest Euromillions Results here as soon as the numbers are drawn.

Kin Lane's list of tools for API deployment. What can I say? He's da man!

Event Listings for New Zealand from Eventfinda. See full documentation on our site http://www.eventfinda.co.nz/api.



The API for converting Excel documents to PDF files and Images. These file formats csv, xls, xlsb, xlsx, xlt, xltx can be converted to pdf, pdfa, png, jpg, tif.

Extract text from PDFs Fast and Easy way to extract any text from a PDF Easily implements data-mining, classification, tagging, indexing, etc...

This API allows you to pull manga information such as name, url, etc... and its chapter list.



The best realtime web message pushing solution. It just works!



A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect face.com replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.

Beta Release A better Face detection service! ImageVision is a computer vision company improving technology that determines the locations and sizes of human faces in arbitrary (digital) images.

Obtén todos los servicios relacionados con la factura electrónica mexicana, desde comprar facturas, realizar facturación, revender facturas, validar las mismas, etc. Nota: este Api es de prueba utilízalo para desarrollar cuando ya lo tengas funcionando, deberás utilizar el otro Api (Producción) para comenzar a facturar.

FantasyData.com provides the most extensive, accurate and easily consumable NFL data in the world. Using our advanced data feeds, you'll be able to build the fantasy football application of your dreams!

FeedSeeds is a JSON Interface for regular and extended RSS/XML 2.0 Feeds.



Find the flight distance informations between any two places on the earth

Cloud based Natural Language Processing API. Includes Sentiment and Language Detection.

Miscellaneous tools for getting page rank, page speed, validating domains & emails

This API provides a flyer and brochure printing services for developers. It enables you to price and order commercially printed flyers and brochures with different folds, colors, paper, coating and with or without hold punches from within your web and mobile applications.



FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

Form CheckUtils is an API that helps with validating data filled in form fields, by providing a variety of string functions. Functionality includes checking if the string contains a certain number of digits, letters, special characters, spaces and more. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

FOWiz, an Android based API allows to send text messages from applications.



Gablit is an event database that makes it easy to find and share things to do. We aggregate data from multiple sources and present it in a format that makes it easy for the user to search and learn about the events that are happening around them. For more information, visit http://gablit.com/beta

Gaia Core


Gaia Core é uma camada de serviços genérica para aplicações que precisem se integrar ao Gaia.



The first social network for developers and the tech community.

Parses fullname and extracts surname, firstname and middle name. Detects gender of the person and ethics if possible. For Russian names only.

Guess whether a first name is of male or female gender in the USA.

Genderize.io is an API service that returns the gender of one or more first names. This can be helpful if, for example, you want to segment a list of users based on gender, for marketing, analytics or similar.

Get human translation directly from your website or application. Plug into the most scalable, adaptable translation platform.

Geocoder.ca provides a simple XML interface to do real-time automated geocoding for your application.$

Find the location details of any IP. Lite version available to increase response speed.

This is an API to get the Longitude and Latitude Information on the basis of an IP.

GO | The advanced Short URL maker. Boasts advanced options like geo-targeted redirects, password protection etc.



This api allows you to register an URL, and when something is changes in the content we will ping your callback URL. The url are currently being watched every minute.

Programmatically check Google keyword rankings for up to 4 websites through our API. Choose from more than 150 Google search engines. Real-time rankings are retrieved within 24 hours of request. This API is not affiliated to Google in any way.



Arguably, GoSquared’s most powerful feature is its API. With it, you have access to a wealth of information about your site and its visitors — all in real time. In order to use the API, you’ll need to get a GoSquared account. You can sign up here for one, it’ll only take like 30 seconds.



Returns basic information about higher education institutions (schools, colleges, universities).

A public unofficial API for Greek lottery numbers games (Super3, Extra5, Lotto Proto, Tzoker). Always up to date and extremely fast (mongodb used for caching).



Generates a Bitly / TinyURL / Youtube style unique string ID given a progressive integer as input. Use it for very custom and compact URL shortening, ID generation or anything you like :-)

HighlightCam helps your users create professional style summaries of movies. All they do is upload footage and pictures, chose a theme, and hit go! HighlightCam edits, adds fades, and gives you a video you can publish and share!

ImageVision provides visual search and analytics services that automate the recognition and tagging of user generated media. The ImageVision Face Detection API is a web service able to determine the locations and sizes of faces within images.

Privacy control API for protecting your intimate moments exposed in health data API



[BETA] Unofficial IndieDB API for getting indie games details.

An easy RESTful API for manipulating images and applying customizable filters in real-time. You can use the built-in filters or create your own ones on top of our filters. And not only filters: includes resize, rotate and crop functions among the others. No monthly price. Easy as $0.01 per filter. Maximum file size is 4MB.

The InstaNext platform lets you create and expose your own RESTful APIs.



Insto allows the simple addition of realtime websocket functionality to your web projects, with no software installation or hardware configuration. We handle the boring work behind the scenes to allow you to focus on developing rich and engaging applications for your users. Create realtime chat, analytics, push notifications, games, presentation packages and so much more. It is required that you sign up for an API key via www.insto.co.uk

Intelligent Technologies SMS API. Allows sending and receiving of SMS messages. An account is required. Sign up for free at http://inteltech.com.au Send messages to any country in the world.



An invoice is created by sending an http POST to https://bips.me/api/v1/invoice containing the details of your product or service, price and the currency. On a successful POST an invoice URL will be received in the response. Your system should redirect to this URL to allow the customer to pay.

returns average income level of surrounding areas of an ip address. data is based on 2012 census. one of a kind.

Easily convert your IP into detailed location JSON

Look up country name and ISO code by IP v4 address

Is it up


Allows you to check if a given website is up or down with various useful data.

This is Test API. このAPIはテスト中です。 This is Test API. このAPIはテスト中です。



JSLogger logs Javascript errors and events in the cloud. This API describes the client part of JSLogger, where you can query the existent data from your account and build applications on top of it. The tracking API will be available soon.

This API allows you to make requests to our existing database of objects (e.g. CDs, DVDs, books, or your own database of reference images uploaded with the Data API).

Want to sound like a hacker? Translate text to and from l33t sp34k!111eleven!!!



API of lashou group buying.

Unofficial League of Legends API. This API was initially developped for the lolhelper.com website. It's still in development, but you can already use it to fetch all public datas from a summoner such as match history, teams, ranked stats, played champions, current match information...

Verify, standardize, and validate US street addresses.



Livebots is a platform for all the robots that people can interact with through the internet.

Localstreamer.com is a geolocation system that collects informations by searching facebook statuses and twitter updates. The system offers to the developers some free api to work with features in LBS (Location-Based Services).



Testing API テスト中のAPI テスト中のAPI テスト中のAPI テスト中のAPI テスト中のAPI テスト中のAPI



This api allows users to retrieve locations nearby a specific coordinate (latitude, longitude) in the language that most suites them.



Random APIs all written in node.js. Current APIs: dnsbl, encoder, hash, isup, keyinfo, whois, xml2json

MSW is the oldest, most popular and most detailed free long range surf forecast on the web. Whether you're a travelling pro, big wave afficiando, local hero or weekend warrior, with a little effort you can use our tools to score more of the right waves across the globe. Every month 1.5 million surfers all over the world check MSW before they hit the beach.

API to integrate your app with Mailee.me. This API is focused on agencies, so you can create and manage your subclients. We are still in beta. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]



The Mashape API can be used to interact with Mashape and authorize client request to a user's own API. More methods will be added in the next releases to give users more control on the APIs that they distribute on Mashape. This API validates any request made to an API method distributed on Mashape. It uses HTTP and responses are in JSON.

The unshortener API is a simple tool that returns the unshortened URL, the original short URL and all necessary steps in order to achieve the original link. Users pass in the short URL via HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Prayer times for all the salah from muslimsalat.com

Get a better translation! MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. It contains billions of words translated by professional translators. MyMemory will give you a machine translation (Google, Microsoft or our) only when a human translation is not available.

Name Toolkit's search engine helps users find available domain names by taking keywords and finding out if it's free and available. The API retrieves detailed public whois information for a domain. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.



Nicereply is a web-based analytic tool used to determine customer satisfaction with your agents, products or services.

Convert fonts from one format to another

Send us a url. We return the image of it. Support iPhone, Android & iPad.



Page Munch is a simple API that allows you to turn webpages into rich, structured JSON. Easily extract photos, videos, event, author and other metadata from any page on the internet in milliseconds.

Automate website screenshots creation. Generate screenshots in a matter of seconds. Never busy, so there's no waiting in line. Rendering starts immediately and is finished quickly.

API to webservice for valuing your little glass slabs.

< Payments made easy /> * Secure REST API * Full integration with your website * Simple pricing * Accept multiple currencies * Fast and local support * Fast account activation



The PeerReach API allows you to give context to the content produced by any Twitter profile. PeerReach has analysed over a 100 million accounts and can return information like, expertise area's. interests, gender, age and location. This free version of our API allows you to make 2400 daily calls.

The PeerReach API allows you to give context to the content produced by any Twitter profile. PeerReach has analysed over a 100 million accounts and can return information like, expertise area's. interests, gender, age and location.



Access to Pictonym's API #TODO #YOLO #SWAG #amiat50charsyet

Static League of Legends data like champion information.

Sell photos from our database or just access our affiliate program and earn money.

Enables to discover a list of popular POIs, in the vertical and city specified as input for the search. Popularity is calculate based on CicerOOs ranking algorithm applied to reviews, descriptions, and tags that are created daily by users on various websites.

The API for converting PowerPoint documents to PDF files. The pot, potm, potx, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm and pptx file formats are supported.



This api services returns a list of 50 proxies tested as working within the last few minutes in a json-formatted array containing additional details about the proxy.

QR Code


Generate a QR code image in PNG format. You can choose your size and colors.



This api lets you generate qr code for every page you need.

RandomUser is an API that provides you with a randomly generated user. These users can be used as placeholders in web mockups, and will save you time from creating your own placeholder information.

This API returns the reputation information for a given domain. data is pulled from Google Safe Browsing API and MyWOT

This API allows you to evaluate the risk of a message containing inappropriate content. This risk rating can then be used as an indicator that moderation is required. If you supply a user identifier, a user profile will be maintained of key statistics. Note this will only be kept for users that are active in the last 2 months.

Información sobre Santoral.



Looking for the simplest way to integrate anti-virus with your application? ➜ Beautiful HTTP/JSON API, code samples to get you started, nothing to manage and the smartest malware engine around

With ReKognition API, your website or mobile app suddenly got a whole lot more powerful - Face detection/recognition, categorize photos (and auto-tagging objects in the near future!) without dealing with limited web page scripting languages.

This is an api that let's you specify an url and a CSS3 selector or an regexp and get the result as a JSON object. The API can also take screenshots of a webpage, prerendered with javascript or not, and return it as a PNG-image.




Daily Deals and Coupons Aggregator

Turn your sentences and webpage into Yoda-speak! Credits to http://www.yodaspeak.co.uk/ for providing this service. This API is a test in progress, and still sitting on a dev sandbox. Things might break quite often.